Bright Horizons FAQs

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  • What Is a Social Adult Day Program?

  • How Does a Social Model Differ from a Medical Model?

  • My mom has Alzheimer’s disease, can she attend Bright Horizons?

  • Do you have to live in Colonie to attend Bright Horizons?

  • What are the days and hours of the program?

  • What is the cost of attending Bright Horizons?

  • How do you become a member?

  • Does a member have to attend 5 days a week? Could a member attend half days?

  • How long is the day at Bright Horizons?

  • I would like to attend, but I am concerned about the cost. Is there any financial assistance?

  • Do you provide transportation?

  • What types of programs and activities do you provide?

  • How many people attend on a daily basis?